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1001 Best Free Downloads - Free Net software. - (Added: 10.01.2002 ) - This Web Site automatically provides you with updates of new shareware and freeware software additions since your last visit. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

BetaNet Beta Directory
BetaNet Beta Directory - Links to sites offering free downloads of pre-release software in exchange for bug reports and other feedback. - (Added: 10.01.2002 ) - Perhaps the most popular resource on the Net for finding and downloading software. Search by title or type, read reviews, then download. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Freeware Publishing Site
Freeware Publishing Site gives you acces to freeware and tools. - (Added: 04.11.2002 )

Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy - Popular games resource furnishes Windows, Mac, and DOS demos and shareware, plus news, reviews, cheats, hints, and FAQs. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Jumbo - A directory of downloadable shareware, organized into "channels" such as business, games, internet and screen savers. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Mac Software CNET
Mac Software CNET - Access Mac demos, shareware and freeware, categorized and annotated. Includes a most-popular top-10 list. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Nerd's Heaven
Nerd's Heaven - A list of lists of other directories of software, a great place to start. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Plug-In Plaza
Plug-In Plaza - Plug-ins enable your Web browser to handle things like documents, audio, video, and virtual-reality files. This complete directory is from BrowserWatch - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Rocket Download
Rocket Download - Shareware, freeware and commercial downloads, that have been tested, reviewed, and selected for quality. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

SBA Shareware Library
SBA Shareware Library - More than 500 programs to help you start, finance, manage and grow your new business, from the U.S. Small Business Administration. - (Added: 10.01.2002 ) - Database of shareware offers a comprehensive range of plug-ins, browsers, helpers and assorted Internet tools. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

SoftGuide - Helps you find software that meets your needs, displays product descriptions, and links directly to related web sites with detailed information, reviews, demos, and best prices. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Stroud's Consummate Winsock
Stroud's Consummate Winsock - Get freeware and shareware 16- and 32-bit Internet applications for Windows. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Tucows Network
Tucows Network - Search a massive selection of Windows, Linux, and Macintosh applications and utilities. Includes Net, audio, and graphics utilities. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Win Files
Win Files - Windows 95 shareware, freeware, and hardware drivers, with reviews. Off-site web and ftp downloads. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

ZDNet Software Library
ZDNet Software Library - Discover more than 10,000 shareware files for Win95 or NT and Mac OS. Files are reviewed, rated, and virus screened - (Added: 10.01.2002 )