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CEDAR International Trade
CEDAR - Which stands for California Economic Diversification and Revitalization, has put together an impressive site which includes pointers to resources for exporters, trade agreements, international tools, export regulations,and trade leads. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Electronic Embassy
Electronic Embassy - Foreign embassies. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

EUROPA European Commission
EUROPA European Commission - Interested in doing business in Europe, but don't know where to start? You need look no further than EUROPA, the site established by the European Commission on behalf of the European Union. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Export Guide
Export Guide - International trade step-by-step. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Foreign Trade On-Line
Foreign Trade - Access to world-wide importers, exporters, manufacturers, freight forwarders, trade resources, statistics, market information, products, trade events, package tracking. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Global Business Web
Global Business Web - Free world trade resource comprised of thousands of resources, a newsletter, international promotion and access to experts, products, services and trade opportunities from every country around the world. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Global Trade Center
Global Trade Center - Search the Global Trade Center for the information you need on world trade - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Global Trade Resources on the Internet
How to Conquer the - Provides e-commerce resources and globalization tools for small business. Developed and maintained by Vancouver, Canada e-commerce author and trainer Garrett Wasny, CMC, - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Business Network's Global Index of Chambers of Commerce and Industry - Looking for local commercial information in other countries? This comprehensive list offers a direct link tochambers of commerce around the world. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Business Resources on the WWW
International Business Resources on the WWW This site, which is maintained by Michigan State University's Center for International Business provides extensive and comprehensive links to a wide range of information sources relevant to international marketing and international business. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Trade Administration on the World Wide Web
ITA - International Trade Administration - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Trade Centre United Nations
International Trade Centre United Nations - Partner in Trade Development. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Trade Law
International Trade Law. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Trade Leads
International Trade Leads - Directory of international trade lead services - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

International Trade Web Resources
International Trade Web Resources - Links to more than 2600 Web sites with international trade resources. All links are annotated. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Internationalist - Information on nearly 100 countries, including some as obscure as Slovenia (whose Ljubljana Stock Exchange is represented here), are available here. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Internet Resources for Exporters
Internet Resources for Exporters - A comprehensive list of export related resources on the 'Internet. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

I-TRADE International Trade Resource and Data Exchange
I-Trade - Is a web-based procurement and supply chain management solution serving Japanese Retailers and their domestic and international suppliers in Japanese and English . is-Trade provides non-Japanese vendors with real time access to the world's second largest retail market . - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Small Business Guide to Exporting
Small Business Guide to Exporting - Development/International-Trade/Guide-To-Exporting/. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

STAT-USA Export and International Trade
STAT-USA Export and International Trade - Trade leads and market research reports. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Strategis Industry Canada Online
Strategis - This site aims at providing a Canadian version of the National Trade Data Bank and contains over 50,000 reports covering various aspects of doing business in and exporting from Canada. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Tpage - Source for B2B international trade offering numerous services, including company directory and trade leads. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Trade Association Forum
Trade Association Forum - The Gateway to UK Trade Associations and Business Sectors. - (Added: 30.11.2002 )

Trade Data Online
Strategis - Free US and Canadian import and export statistics. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Tradecompass - Trade resources. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

TradePort - How to export manual.TradeExpert. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Union of International Organizations
Union of International Organizations - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

World Bank
World Bank - Provides links to various country and sectoral specific information sources as well as access toWorld Bank publications and research reports. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

World Trade Organization Documents online
World Trade Organization Documents online - This database provides access to the official documentation of the World Trade Organization, including the legal texts of the WTO agreements. - (Added: 23.11.2002 )

WorldClass - Index of top global trade sites. Free guide to the Web's best global business sites, with step-by-step commentary on 1,025 top sites from 95 countries. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Yahoo Business and Economy > Trade > Statistics
Yahoo Business and Economy > Trade > Statistics - Traderesources. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )