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A Helpful Guide to Search Engines
A Helpful Guide to Search Engines - How To Use Web Search Engines -- The Spider's Apprentice helps you use web search engines and understand search engine technology. - (Added: 10.01.2002 ) Web Search Web Search - Searching strategies and help plus reviewed sites by subject. - (Added: 10.01.2002 ) - Search Engine Optimization Promotion Tools. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Checklist of Internet Research Tips - Checklist of Internet Research Tips - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Conducting Research on the Internet - Conducting Research on the Internet. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Finding Information on the Internet: A TUTORIAL - The online version of an Internet Tutorial workshop offered by the Teaching Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The page also links to other Internet Tutorial workshops (for example, Evaluating Web Pages: Why and How). - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

How to Choose a Search Engine or Research Database - A chart listing numerous features and the search engines & databases that support them - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Internet Scout Project Searching
Internet Scout Project Searching - The Scout Toolkit is a useful collection of online materials compiled by the Internet Scout Project to help you "surf smarter". - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Internet Tutorials University at Albany Libraries - Internet Tutorials.Using and Searching Internet. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Researching Companies on the Internet - A Tutorial
Researching Companies on the Internet - This business research tutorial presents a step-by-step process for finding free company and industry information on the World Wide Web. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Guide - A Guide to Search Engines, Portals and Directories. There are 3229 search engines for you to choose from. Includes daily headlines updates, search engine software & services, featured search tools, search engine information. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Search Engine Secrets
Search Engine Secrets - References to Monitor, Submit and Improve Search Engine Placements and Positions. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Search Engine Showdown
Search Engine Showdown - A "user's guide to web searching." Maintained by Greg R. Notess, Montana State University Reference Librarian. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Search Help from Ziff Davis
Search Help from Ziff Davis - Search engine reviews, a directory of search tools, and link guides. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

SearchEngine Watch
SearchEngine Watch - This is a MUST to understand search engines and get valuable info about search techniques. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques - An extensive tutorial on the use of subject directories and search engines. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

Spire Project
Spire Project - Is a most significant effort to understand the nature and trends to emerging online information. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

University of California Berkely - Librarians' Index to the Internet. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )

WWW Virtual Library Journalism
WWW Virtual Library Journalism - Journalism covers Broadcasting, Media, Communications and News. - (Added: 10.01.2002 )