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AJR NewsLink
American Journalism Review. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

A-Media : The I-Public Relations Discussion List
An Internet public relations mailing list and archives. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Association for Interactive Media
Formerly the Interactive Television Association, this organization offers a wide range of marketing and promotional services to members from all sectors of the Internet community. Their Web site's events listings, available for free, is one of the best calendar of industry conferences and events we've seen. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

E-Mail Discussion Groups and Lists - Resources
Email Discussion Groups/Lists and Resources. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Monitor Usenet, mailing lists, online forums and chats, and also Web sites . - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Decent statistical research complements one of the best Internet marketing mailing lists around. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Internet Mailing List Providers
Directory of mailing list service providers. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Internet Promotions MegaList
Links to online resources for site submission/registration . - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Online resources/network for journalists - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

NewJour Welcome page
Home for many Internet newsletters. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

PR Newswire Home Page
Your Global Resource for news and information. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Publicize your Web site to 19 Web resources at once. Use dozens of links to find other places to list your site. - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Register It!
Search engine registration software, plus a free submission form to 16 sites. Since purchased by Netscape - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Review of Free Mailing List Programs
Comparison of eGroups, OneList, Topica, and ListBot for free hosting of your mailing lists. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Submit URL
Meta-list of Web site promotion sites . - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Pay software and ridiculously expensive rates for submitting your URL online. - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Tell Liszt about Lists
Register your mailing list with a major online database. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

The List Exchange
Directory of mailing lists and resources for those who run them. - (Added: 08.02.2002 )

World Wide Web Broadcaster
Extensive list of promotional Web sites plus pay service to automate it . - (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Yahoo's list of companies that will do it for you
Yahoo Promotion Companies - (Added: 09.04.2002 )

Yahoo's list on how to promote your web site
Yahoo Promotion - (Added: 09.04.2002 )