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CNET's Ultimate ISP Guide
Use their database of more than 3700 ISPs to find the one that's right for you. Search for an ISP, add or remove an ISP, or grade the one you've got! - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

Easily adaptable practical Active Server Pages, JavaScript, HTML Code and script writers - (Added: 17.02.2002 )

ISP News
Isp's news. - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

Hosts discussions of business and marketing issues for ISPs. International and technical discussions are also operating - (Added: 11.02.2002 )
Looking For An Internet Service Provider? Find the best deal from our database of over 5,000 ISPs. - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

List of lists for ISPs, has a good tutorial on what to look for in an ISP - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

The Directory
10,000 listings of ISPs and 47,000 listings of BBSs in 120 countries. - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

The ISP Planet
The Intelligence Center for the ISP Community. - (Added: 11.02.2002 )

The List
The definitive buyer's guide to Internet Service Providers, those companies that provide access to the Internet. Search by state or area code, or pull up national provider - (Added: 11.02.2002 )