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Active Solutions Inc. Epistemic
Epistemic Corporation is focused on delivering products and services to support organizations in bringing information alive. The Epistemic product suite is a next generation platform for business intelligence, addressing the data access, analysis and communication needs of organizations. Unlike competing products, Epistemic is a unified software environment for all business intelligence functions and allows access to disparate data sources directly, in addition to providing more sophisticated analysis capabilities. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Bi-Logix's BI-Solution
BI-Logix's BI-Solution is a set of pre-built solutions embedded within a BI infrastructure. This integrated and linked Business Intelligence Application leverages the convergence between Web, Wireless, and anytime, anywhere access to information. It unifies the entire enterprise, including customers, suppliers, and partners. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Brio Technology's Brio One
The Brio ONE solution includes Brio.Enterprise, Brio.Report, Brio.Portal, and Brio.Inform. An integrated suite of business intelligence tools for query, OLAP analysis, and analytical reporting across the extended enterprise. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

CognIT offer products and services related to knowledge management, business intelligence and information services. The company co-operates closely with international research and development and is constantly pushing state-of-the-art in different areas of computing. We have developed an outstanding record of large scale systems development, ranging from ntelligent back-office systems to agent based text analysis and search tools. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Cognos Business Intelligence Solutions
A descripton and guide to the Cognos Platform that is the foundation for it's Business Intelligence Solutions. A good overview of it's e-Applications, reporting, analysis, and ad hoc query capabilities. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

IBM Business Intelligence Solutions
IBM offers end-to-end solutions for business intelligence. IBM provides tools, technology, databases, servers and consulting and services for every aspect of business intelligence. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Information Builder's WebFocus
Information Builder's WebFOCUS Web Reporting and Business Intelligence Software was built to be a web-based BI solution through employing wireless and XML technologies. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Microsoft;'s E-Commerce Business Data Analysis
This white paper is about applying Microsoft® Enterprise Services frameworks to e-commerce solutions. It covers topics such as the Microsoft Data Warehousing Framework, analyzing transactional data and SQL Server 2000 and analysis Services - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Sagent e-business solutions
Sagent provides comprehensive business intelligence software that allows organizations to simplify their decision-making processes. Decision processes in today's world must adapt to constantly changing requirements and dramatically evolving sources of information and users. - (Added: 02.03.2002 )

SAS Institute
The world leader in business-intelligence software and services, enabling customers to turn raw data into usable knowledge. - (Added: 22.04.2002 )

Targit Business Intelligence Software
Targit AS recieved a patent covering the artificial intelligence technology that distinguishes their business intelligence software, Analysis, from it's competition. Analysis can be used with SAP, Concorde, Navision, or any other kind of ERP System - (Added: 02.03.2002 )