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Ask Dow Jones
Competitive information. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

CI Index - Competitive Intelligence Resource Index - A search engine and listing of sites-by-category for finding CI resources - Information sources and the vendors of CI services and products. - (Added: 14.12.2001 )

CI Links
Providing automated intelligence solutions. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

CMS Business intelligence
From management reports to maps, and from newsletters to niche directories, there's a business information product that will keep you ahead of your competitors, your clients, and maybe even your colleagues in today's volatile market! - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Company Sleuth
Company Sleuth uncovers current, relevant company information to help you make wiser investment decisions. Whether you’re an individual investor or an investment professional, a subscription to Company Sleuth gives you access to the research and data you need before you take action - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Competitive Intelligence Guide - Guide to information on analysis of competitors and markets, intelligence gathering, and internal monitoring of competition - (Added: 14.12.2001 )

Competitive Intelligence Handbook
The Competitive Intelligence Handbook provides an overview of how useful information is gathered and where it is to be found. This Handbook is a field guide for anyone needing to decipher the business climate. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Competitive Intelligence with knowledge Express
Research Tools for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Technology Transfer Professionals Research Tools for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Technology Transfer Professionals - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Factiva CI Center
A Dow Jones & Reuters company that provides business information via articles from more than 8,000 sources worldwide. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Fuld and Company
A competitive intelligence consulting firm that analyzes markets and competitors, teaches intelligence-gathering methods, and helps companies establish internal competitor monitoring capabilities - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

General Legalities in CI
Full text and analysis of the U.S Economic Espionage Act. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Global Integrity Corporation Packages
Predictive Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRDS), founded in 1995, is a leading network infrastructure and security consulting firm headquartered in New York City. Predictive Systems has regional presence throughout the United States and internationally in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Customized reports and current business news and expert analysis for subscribers. - (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Internet Resources for competitive intelligence and Businesss Intelligence
AWARE was started in March 1995, by Arthur Weiss whose experience showed that there was a need for professional competitive intelligence and marketing analysis services in the UK and Europe. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

SCIP.ORG is the premier online community for knowledge professionals all around the globe. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

Second Sight internet Intelligence
2s2i was originally named Second Sight Internet Intelligence (2s2i). The idea of giving companies a "second sight" into what is being said on the Internet in a responsible manner continues to drive 2s2i. We founded the company on the idea that well-analyzed online discussion is a tool businesses can use to better understand, communicate with and sell to their customers. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

This site is a business strategy information directory and search engine. Featured are categories such as competitive intelligence, journals, management news, executive education - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Spyonit - Good for letting you know when your favourite websites change, to save you surfing them every day, or when You forget to look at them at all. - (Added: 15.11.2002 )

From the Canadian Federal government, this site offers a nice overview of CI tools and links. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

The Benchmark Exchange and Best Practice Homepage
The Benchmark Exchange and Best Practice. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )

A new low-cost business intelligence information service. A search on a company name retrieves articles from more than 1,000 business journals--organized in easy-to-use categories such as market share, strategy, ad budget, product development and much more. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

USADATA's Direct Marketing Portal's automate and improve direct marketing processes for organizations ranging from networks of thousands of decentralized users to a single, centralized user. Our applications provide million dollar ROI's by driving efficiencies into and increasing response rates from everyday marketing initiatives. - (Added: 15.05.2002 )