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ACM SIGIR - Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

ALA - America Library Assocciation. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP)
AIIP- An international association of owners of information businesses. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

BiblioData's Price Watcher
Here you can learn more about pricing in the online industry. - (Added: 08.05.2002 )

Burwell Web Site - is intended as a focal point for those seeking to locate reliable and ethical independent information professionals and for those who wish to learn more about the profession that is commonly called "Information Brokering". - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Computational Methods for Intelligent Information Access - Computational Methods for Intelligent Information Access. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Find/svp - Founded in 1969, FIND/SVP provides fully integrated research, advisory and business intelligence services in a broad range of industries and management disciplines. FIND/SVP-one resource, all the answers. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Gale Directory of Databases
Gale - A world leader i9n information solutions. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Glasgow IDOM - IR resources
Glasgow IDOM - A collection of links to local and remote accumulations of IR stuff. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Hoover' - Delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growt. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Information Retrieval
Fuld - The Intelligence Cycle. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Information Retrieval Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology
Information Retrieval Lab - - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Information Retrieval Links
Information Retrieval Links - Information Retrieval & Natural Language processing. Information Retrieval & natural language processing. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Information today
Information Today (ITI) - Is the publisher of Information Today, the newspaper for users and producers of electronic information services, as well as other periodicals, books, directories, and online products for the library & information user & professional. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Journal of the American Society for Information Science
Journal of the American Society for Information Science - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

KD Mine: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Index
KDnuggets - News, the leading newsletter on Data Mining and Web Mining. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Links2Go Information Retrieval
Links2Go Information Retrieval - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

M.M.I.R. research group at CEDAR, State University of New York at Buffalo
MMIR - Multimedia Information Retrieval - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Newtimes - The New York Times. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

NIST Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval Group Home Page
NIST - The Retrieval Group of the Information Access Division works with industry, academia and other government agencies to promote the use of more effective and efficient techniques for manipulating (largely) unstructured textual information, especially the browsing, searching, and presentation of that information. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Online Inc.- Mission is to provide the infrastructure of the content and e-media industries with the highest quality publications, newsletters, Web sites, conferences, and expositions. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Post Search
Post Search - Resources and tips. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Waschington Researchers. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

SCIP -Is the premier online community for knowledge professionals all around the globe. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
SLA - Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is the international association representing the interests of thousands of information professionals in sixty countries. Special librarians are information resource experts who collect, analyze, evaluate, package, and disseminate information to facilitate accurate decision-making in corporate, academic, and government settings. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Text REtrieval (TREC) Home Page
REC - Its purpose was to support research within the information retrieval community by providing the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of text retrieval methodologies. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

The British Computer Society, Information Retrieval Specialist Group
The British Computer Society - Information Retrieval Specialist Group. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR)
CIIR - The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, a National Science Foundation-created S/IUCRC Center, is one of the leading information retrieval research labs in the world. The CIIR develops tools that provide effective and efficient access to large, heterogeneous, distributed, text and multimedia databases. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

The Data Mine - Data Mining and KDD information
Data Mine - The Data Mine provides information about Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), also known as Knowledge Acquisition from Databases and Knowledge Discovery. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

The EIRENE Directory
EIRENE - Is a professional association representing over 65 information brokers from the EU, EFTA and Eastern European countries. The primary purpose of EIRENE is to promote contacts between European information brokers. The network aims to increase access to information and develop information brokerage as a commercial activity, whilst working towards raising the quality of services to clients. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Web IR & IE
Web IR & IE - The site is a collection of online resources for research in the field of information retrieval and information extraction from the web. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )