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3Guest Track
Guest Track - Web and e-mail personalization products - (Added: 05.01.2002 ) - Apply One-to-One Marketing Techniques with Personalization - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Asia Market Intelligence Customer Intelligence
Asia Market Intelligence - Today, many companies lose and have to replace their entirecustomer base every five years. It is no longer sufficientfor companies to merely "satisfy" their customers.True customer loyalty, and the resulting profitability, canonly come through anů - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Business Intelligence Training - Benefits Realisation
Business Intelligence - 899 Customer Relationship Management Masterclass Designing and Building End-to-End Intelligent CRM Solutions - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Cyber Dialogue Analytical eCRM solutions
Cyber Dialogue - Analytical eCRM solutions. We analyze and manage customerdatabases, helping companies increase revenue throughimproved customer retention, acquisition and cross-sell. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

eCRMGuide Customer Relationship Management in the E-Business World
ECRMGuide - Customer Relationship Management in the E-Business World - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

ECustomers - Getting Customer Intelligence Right: Balancing Personalization, Profiling & Privacy Strategies eCustomers. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

General Management Technologies - Customer Intelligence
GMT - Provides market research and analysis capabilities thathelp clients to dramatically increase their level of insightinto customers' product needs, pricing constraints,distribution channel preferences, and brand perceptions. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Graff Group-Market & Customer Intelligence
Graff Group - Is a Minneapolis based strategic marketing research and business development consulting firm. The primary focus is on gathering market, customer and competitor intellig - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Guidance Research Corporation Customer Satisfaction Management Page
Guidance Research - Approach to customer satisfactionmanagement moves beyond the typical methods, which are oftendesigned merely to measure or track customer satisfactionand lead to little actionable results. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Intellitracker - Provides a range of real time ebusiness solutions for audience analysis, ROI measurement, partner web tracking and customer intelligence for optimising online marketing, content, and partner initiatives. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Interelate - Provides customer intelligence solutions and web-based marketing infrastructure. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

MessageMedia - Customer Intelligence
MessageMedia - Provides real-time intelligence products for enterprise companies. Find out about marketing databases, analysis and survey services. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

MessageMedia E-Survey
MessageMedia - Part of a suite of solutions for continuously collecting, analyzing, and reporting customer intelligence to enhance customer care, optimize e-marketing, and support timely management decision-making. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

MetricSoft - Provides Web-based marketing and customer-analysis software. Find out how each product is accessible from a mobile phone or PDA. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

NCR - Research and Reports
NCR - Research/report from Seybold re CRM. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Norkom Technologies
Norkom - CRM and customer intelligence products (including Alchemist and Applied Intelligence Services), research and articles by Norkom. CRM conferences plus job opportunities in US, Ireland, UK, Benelux and Scandinavia. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

One to one Marketing online - From Cliff Allen, Deboroha Kania and Beth Yaeckel, who wrote the book One-to-one Web marketing. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Online Customer Intelligence
Online Customer Intelligence - Relationship management, CRM, call centers, sales forceautomation, SFA, interative marketing, and more - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Patricia Seybold Group
Patricia Seybold Group - World-wide consultants in conceptual designs for strategice-business and technology, product and marketing positioningand e-business processes. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Peppers& Rogers Web site
Peppers& Rogers - World-wide consultants in 1to1 Marketing/CRM - (Added: 05.01.2002 )

SAS Institute
The world leader in business-intelligence software and services, enabling customers to turn raw data into usable knowledge. - (Added: 22.04.2002 )

Truis The Customer Intelligence Company
Truis - Provides customer intelligence programs for sales, marketing, strategic decision making, and customer relationship management. - (Added: 05.01.2002 )