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A Brief Introduction to Copyright
A brief intro to copyright. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Cookie Central
Cookie Central - Everything about Cookies. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

CyberSkeptic's Guide to Interne Research
CyberSkeptic's Guide to Interne Research - BiblioData publishes the newsletter The CyberSkeptics Guide to Internet Research and other books and newsletters that support the online researcher. We help you by giving you information that is practical, accurate and concise. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Database/content magazine - (Added: 09.07.2002 )

EContent and Online Magazines
Onlineinc - Mission is to provide the infrastructure of the content and e-media industries with the highest quality publications, newsletters, Web sites, conferences, and expositions. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Edupage - Is a free e-mail service that summarizes developments in information technology. It is sent three times a week to subscribers. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Free Pint
Resources for the Information Industry. - (Added: 09.07.2002 )

Information Today, Link-Up, and Searcher
Information Today - Is the publisher of Information Today, the newspaper for users and producers of electronic information services, as well as other periodicals, books, directories, and online products for the library & information user & professional. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internet Resources Newsletter
Internet Resources Newsletter - Heriot-Watt University Library (Scotland) publishes the free Newsletter on Engineering, Science, and Social Science related sources in the United Kingdom. You can subscribe to have an alerting message, plus the table of contents sent via email, each time a new issue appears. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Learned Information
Learned Information -Two monthly magazines, Information World Review and FULLTEXT SOURCES ONLINE from BiblioData Inc. (U.S.A.), are also available through Learned Information. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Lycos 50
Lycos 50 - An early warning system for what's hot. This combines statistics for the most popular searches each day. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Net-Happenings - There's an announcement-only service called NET-HAPPENINGS. It is a favorite for monitoring Internet's offerings. Net-happenings is also at Their archives can be searched at - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Netsurfer Digest
Netsurfer Digest - Is an e-zine bringing cyberspace directly to your mailbox since 1994. Subscribe and every week we will bring you a hot-linked HTML gateway to a selection of neat online sites. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

NEW-LIST - Welcome to Gleason Sackmann's New-List, a list for announcement of new email lists. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

NewsScan - Founded in 1994 by John Gehl and Suzanne Douglas, NewsScan offers customized electronic and print publications and services covering knowledge management, human resources, distance learning, corporate training, business and management strategies, information technology, and many other client-specified news topics. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Magazine.For information professional. - (Added: 09.07.2002 )

Rapidly Changing Face of Computing
The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing (RCFoC) - Is a weekly technology journal providing pragmatic, unbiased insight, analysis, and commentary on contemporary computing's innovations and trends, and on the technologies that drive them -- important elements that drive our businesses and, increasingly, our global society and economy. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

RBA - Further Reading and Keeping up to Date. - (Added: 30.11.2002 )

Sangfroid - How comp.infosystems.www.announce Works. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals. - (Added: 09.07.2002 )

Sunsite - Digital library and support service for digital library, archive, and museum developers world wide. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The Virtual Acquisition Shelf
The Virtual Acquisition Shelf - Delivers resources and News for Information Professionals. From Gary Price Library Research and Internet Consulting - (Added: 13.11.2002 )

Alerts and Tracker. - (Added: 09.07.2002 )

What's Hot on the Internet This Week
Descriptions and links to new and updated sites with a focus on information resources. - (Added: 18.07.2002 )

Yahoo What’s new
Yahoo Indices - Searching the World Wide Web Yahoo. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Yahoo - News. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

ZDNet Tech Life
includes Yahoo Internet Lif's list of Top 100 sites. - (Added: 18.07.2002 )