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Fossick - Is a meta-search tool. In other words, it is a collection of databases, with each database having a hyperlink attached. You can also search several databases simultaneously. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Ingenta - UncoverWeb has no been integrated in, the gateway to research. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internet Public Library (IPL) Reference Center
Internet Public Library (IPL) - Reference Center is a virtual library that provides a good starting point for finding reference works, subject guides, and specialized databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Librariansí Index to the Internet
Librariansí Index to the Internet - Is another virtual library. It is a searchable and browsable collection of Web resources, including subject guides specialized databases, that librarians select and annotate. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

LibrarySpot - Lists quality reference resources, including specialized databases, and provides links to more than 2,500 libraries around the world. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The InvisibleWeb
Invisible Web This is another collection of specialized databases. It's updated regularly, searchable, and relatively easy to use - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Yahoo - Is one of the most popular and comprehensive directories on the World Wide Web. It is a good place to find subject guides (Yahoo! calls them indices) and specialized databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )