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Home / Intelligence / Company information & telephon Directories / - Searchable databases of area codes; country codes; personal e-mail addresses; telephone numbers for people, businesses, and governments; fax numbers; and toll free numbers. Also has a reverse lookup search for Canada and the U.S. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Agribusiness, Food Industry & Forest Industry Associations on the Internet
Agribusiness, Food Industry & Forest Industry - Links to hundreds of trade association sites on the Internet. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

AnyWho Directories
AnyWho Directories - Searchable indexes to white pages, yellow pages, toll free telephone numbers, email & web sites. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Area Decoder
Area Decoder - Searchable index of area codes and country codes. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Association Central
Association Central - Searchable database of associations. Access to the database is free; Associations pay fee based on the extent of their entry. Search by keyword or browse a listing by subject. Entries include the web site address for the association. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Europages - Searchable directory for 500,000 companies in 30 European counties. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Federal Telephone Directories
Federal Telephone Directories - Links to federal agency directories by GSA's Federal Consumer Information Center. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

FreeEDGAR - Searchable databases of corporate and Edgar filings for all U.S. public companies. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Hoover's Online--The Business Network
Hoover - Addresses, brief financials, description of business, web sites, etc. for over 18,000 public & private companies worldwide. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

InfoSpace The Ultimate Directory
InfoSpace - Directories of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, businesses, yellow pages, fax numbers, blue pages and toll free numbers for the U.S. Links to telephone directories worldwide. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internet 800 Directory
Internet 800 - A searchable directory of toll free telephone numbers. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

National Address Server
National Address Server - Searchable database of Zip+4 codes and links to sites that produce a street-level map showing the address. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - U.S. yellow pages, people pages, and city pages. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Directories on the Web - Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Business Directories from around the world. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Thomas Food Industry Register
Thomas Food Industry Register - Searchable database of companies in the food industry. Also includes a food industry convention calendar. Requires free registration. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers - Searchable version of Thomas Register, a guide to manufacturing and service companies in the U.S. and Canada. Free registration required. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

WorldPages - Searching - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Yahoo Reference: Phone Numbers and Addresses: Businesses
Yahoo - Searching and researching Business Adresses and people Yahoo. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - Searchable database--by business type, city, and name of U.S. businesses. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Zip Codes
Zip Codes - United States postal service. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )