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David Siegel
Who are you? That may be the most important question your company can ask. And very few do. I work with companies large and small. They often ask me to help them strategize their web site. They show me their vision of their dream web site, and guess what? It's all about them. They are building the site for them, not for their customers. They treat their web site the same way they treat telemarketing. - (Added: 17.03.2002 )

Demographics of Web Users
Wilson Web marketing - Demographics of Web Users. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Domain Statistics - Is powered by the NetNames Global Domain Name database. We built DomainStats to provide the internet community the latest statistics on all Domain Name registrations worldwide. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Forrester Research
Forrester - Rtesearch. Forrester is a leading independent research firm that analyzes the future of technology change and its impact on businesses, consumers, and society. Companies use our research as a continual source of insight and strategy to guide their most critical business technology decisions. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

GVU User Survey
GVU User Survey - Since its beginning in 1994, the GVU WWW User Survey has accumulated a unique store of historical and up-to-date information on the growth and trends in Internet usage. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Headcount - Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. provides solutions for worldwide deployment of technology and content. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Info Tech Trends
InfoTech Trends - Formerly Computer Industry Forecasts, provides market data on computers, peripherals, software, storage, the Internet, and communications equipment. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Demographic Survey - Internet Demographics and eCommerce Statistics. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Index
Internet Index - Is an occasional collection of facts and statistics about the Internet and related activities. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Performance Measurement and Analysis (IPMA)
Internet Performance Measurement and Analysis (IPMA) - Welcome to the Internet Performance Measurement and Analysis (IPMA) project, a joint effort of the U-M Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Merit Network. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Statistics Web Growth, Internet Growth
Internet Statistics Growth and Usage - Of the Web and the Internet. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Traffic Report
Internet Traffic Report - Monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Trends
Internet Trends - The magicTalk Developer Surveys are designed to assist us in better understanding developer opinions on issues related to voice application development and deployment in the enterprise. We appreciate your willingness to participate in these surveys. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Internet Values and Lifestyles (iVALS)
SRI - Consulting Business Intelligence. VALSTM (Values and Lifestyles) categorizes U.S. adult consumers into mutually exclusive groups based on their psychology and several key demographics. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Jupiter Communications
Jupiter Communications - To learn more about Jupiter Communication Corporation og to Jupiter Media Matrix - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Most Popular 100 Internet Search Words - The Best in Searching. If you're looking for information on just about any subject, look no further, we've got it here. Just enter your search in the search box, or select from our direct subject links. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Netstat Net
NetStat Systems' service - Offerings are in the area of Internet performance measurement, diagnostics and analysis. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Nua Internet Surveys
Nua - Is the authoritative online source for information on Internet demographics and trends. Over 200,000 people in more than 140 countries read our news and analysis every week. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

O'Reilly Research - Is a new division of O'Reilly & Associates that uses a variety of natural language, machine learning, and statistical techniques to automatically extract, condense, and illustrate online sources of information about computer technologies. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau - United States Department of Commerce. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Web Internet Domain Registry
Web Internet Domain Registry - By popular request, we have created an online discussion forum! Available now at, we invite you to log on, sign up, and participate as we continue towards our goals. As the longest-standing pioneer registry, this is just one more way in which we are staying at the forefront of the issues. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

WebTrends - Is the e-business intelligence product line from NetIQ, offering a comprehensive set of solutions for web analytics and management. WebTrends' award-winning software and e-service solutions provide insights into visitors' behavior and preferences that translate into enhanced business performance, including higher returns on infrastructure and e-marketing investments and improved visitor-to-customer conversion rates. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )

WWW User Survey
WWW User Survey - The Third WWW Consumer Survey. - (Added: 08.01.2002 )