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Home / Search & Research / Directories / - An excellent new directory. Link you to other excellent sites. - (Added: 20.01.2003 ) - Authoritative human guides. First stop. - (Added: 23.12.2001 ) - Free guide to books, periodicals, web and their encyclopedia. This encyclopedia is perhaps the best. Search from their search page.classified, rated and reviewed Internet sites from the Encyclopedia Britannica. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

BUBL Information Service Web Server
BUBL - Bulletin Boards for Libraries. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Excite - Portal Resources and Search engine. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Galaxy - Is the original searchable Internet directory. Our mission is to provide contextually relevant information by integrating state-of-the-art technology with the human touch. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

InfoSeek - Portal and Directory belonging to Walt Disney Internet Group's. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Institute of Information Scientists, IIS
Institute of Information Scientists - Is the professional association for people involved in creating, retrieving, organising or disseminating information. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Internet Subject Directories - A more complete list of commercial directories may be found on this page. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

JoeAnt - Commercial Directory & Portal compiled by volunteers. - (Added: 21.11.2002 )

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Sunsites Internett katalog, ved Berkeley University. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Looksmart - Another very significant directory tree. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Lycos -- Top 5% Web Sites
Lycos - October 2000, Terra Networks, S.A., a global Internet company and the leading provider of Internet access and interactive content and services to the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world and Lycos, Inc., the Internet's leading multi-brand network combined to form Terra Lycos, a global Internet powerhouse. The new Terra Lycos is one of the most popular Internet networks in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and is the leading portal to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Open Directory Project
Open Directory Project - It is very good, and very similar to Yahoo. Open Directory Project (ODP) lLinks to more than 1,200,000 web sites, collected and organized by more than 20,000 volunteer editors worldwide, with more than 3,000 new sites added daily. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Search Bug
Search Bug - excellent, well-organized collection of search sites. - (Added: 25.02.2003 )

Search Idea
Search Idea - Search engine and directory. - (Added: 25.02.2003 )

Virtual Reference Desk
Virtual Reference Desk - Directory. The single best source for facts on the Internet. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

WebCrawler Guide
WebCrawler - Directory. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
World Wide Web Virtual Librar - For an alternative, try the, a distributed network of subject lists, not nearly as dominant as Yahoo but far more "scholarly" shall we say. This virtual directory has been around many years, previously famous from - (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Yahoo - Possibly the most popular subject directory on the WWW, Yahoo provides a subject list you can browse, or a search box for searching their database. Web sites and newsgroups are included in the database. - (Added: 23.12.2001 )