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Home / Portals and Guides / Economics & Economic Data Portal /'s economics's economics is a guide to economic resources on the web, including articles on economics, and an economics glossary. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Economics. - (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Country Studies and Area Handbooks
Full text of select handbooks presenting detailed description of political, economic, and social conditions of select countries around the world. - (Added: 20.05.2002 ) from the EIU provides insight and analysis to help senior executives build successful strategies for doing e-business in the global digital economy. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

ECLAC - the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean has detailed statistics on the region available from the site under the "statistics" heading. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Economic Statistics Briefing Room (ESBR)
Links to the most current Federal Economic indicators available, including production and sales, employment and unemployment, income and expenditures, interest rates, prices and also International Statistics. - (Added: 20.05.2002 ) contains links to research, jobs information, courses in economics as well as study guides and practice questions, and a bulletin board to enable economists to network with one another. - (Added: 16.11.2002 ) has a section on the global economy - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Inomics- the Internet site for economists includes a search engine for economic information (EconSearch) as well as a directory (EconDir) of economics resources. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Mark Bernkopf's central banking resource centre
Mark Bernkopf's central banking resource centre list a number of listings of central banks. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Moreover Ecomomic news
There is a heading for economics news and it is possible to get the headlines sent to your email box on a daily or weekly basis. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) website organises its content into over 30 themes such as Economics, Emerging and transition economies, or Finance and Investment. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The Bank for International Settlements
The Bank for International Settlements providing links to the central banks of member countries, the full text of a range of publications is available from the site. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The Economic & Financial Affairs directorate general of the European Commission
The Economic & Financial Affairs directorate general of the European Commission has a web site with a lot of economic information. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist Intelligence Unit continuously assesses and forecasts political, economic and business conditions in 195 countries. It prides itself on a wholly international and impartial view. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The International Finance Corporation
The International Finance Corporation is part of the World Bank Group and promotes private sector investment in developing countries. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) site is quite extensive, and includes the IMF staff country reports and publish various national and international data. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics website has data on the US economy, particularly about employment, including international comparisons. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

The World Bank
The World Bank has an extensive site. Information from a number of key publications is available on the site - for example World Development Indicators. - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

US Census Bureau
Economic Indicators - (Added: 17.05.2002 )

VIBES - virtual international business and economic sources covers around 1600 resources for economists which are available free of charge in English. This includes articles, research reports, statistical tables and graphs, and "meta pages" containing links to other resources. New server 2003 http// - (Added: 16.11.2002 )

Virtual International Business & Economic Sources
J. Murrey Atkins Library Resources. - (Added: 17.05.2002 )

WWW Virtual Library
Resources for Economists on the Internet and WWW Resources in Economics. - (Added: 17.05.2002 )