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The UK's trade association for MR companies. (The Market Research Society is the professionals' body. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

CIOR - Search and purchase global research reports. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Market Calculator - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Business Research. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Forrester is a leading independent research firm that analyzes the future of technology - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Frost & Sullivan
Industrial Market Engineering. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Gallup Organization
Gallup delivers public opinion polls, but also maintain marketing research consulting for high tech and services companies. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Gartner Group
Gartner Group is the world's largest information technology consulting firm. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Giga Information Group
Giga Information Group delivers research and analysis in the information technology and telecommunications fields. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

A WHO's WHO for finding suppliers of over 400 types of marketing research services including: advertising, brand, media and product research, analytical services, computer services and programs, interviewing, surveys and technical services. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

IDC is a major player in the information technology and research arena. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

iMarket Inc.
Direct Marketing, Database Marketing, mailing lists and market analysis software products. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

IMR Mall
ECNext Knowledge Center provide people around the world with immediate online access to commercial intelligence. They assist publishers, portal and exchange owners, corporations, and business professionals in their quest for practical, targeted, and affordable research information. Let ECNext help you turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into commercial opportunity. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Database Marketing Services - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Instat is a digital communication research specialist. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Intelliquest specializes in high tech branding, positioning, and other marketing centered topics. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

IRN Research
IRN's Market Research on the Web database: "A free gateway to web sites containing statistics and market data, including trade associations and other industry sources". Covers mainly UK and pan European resources. - (Added: 17.11.2002 )

Jupiter Communication
Jupiter Communication is one of Forrester's main competitors, but targets its efforts more on Internet related technologies and consumers. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

A Single Source for Buying Market Research. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Aggregation of market research reports, produced by Thomson Financial Services and available through commercial online services such as Dow Jones Interactive and .xls, and directly through Thomson. - (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Millwards brown Interactive
Millwards brown Interactive is an online research consulting specializing in understanding marketing communication on the Web. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Market research clearinghouse offering reports and other information from a variety of publishers. - (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Mintel - is a leading supplier of competitive media, product & consumer intelligence. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

MORI - one of the oldest and most famous MR and polling companies. Website offers current and archived survey results. Topics include society, politics, business. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

NFO Interactive
NFO Interactive conducts custom research and offers a vaiiety of products on online consumer behavior. It also maintain a large Web consumer panel. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

NPD Group
NPD Group is an international research firm that focuses on consumer products and issues, rather than ight tech and business to business topics. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

PC Data
PC Data tracks software, hardware, and video game sales in the U.S. And U.K. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

RBA - Market research - (Added: 30.11.2002 )

Research Bank
A comprehensive collection of market research analyst reports on the Web. - (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Research Buzz
Research Buzz - Web site devoted to Internet research news and information. - (Added: 02.07.2002 )

TnSofres - Corporate site of the UK's biggest MR agency, for insight into MR industry news, and more of recent research findings. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Wall Street Research Net
Up-to-date customized market and company news. - (Added: 02.07.2002 )

World Research Inc. is the eResearch company that provides full-service market research for the business partners. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Market rersearch resources. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Zona Research
Zona Research is a subsidiary of Intelliquest. Specializes in business to business topics related to Internet and Intranet development. - (Added: 01.11.2002 )