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American Export Register
Welcome to the Thomas Global Register - the most complete, up-to-date directory of worldwide industrial product information. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Asian Sources Online
A member of the Global sources Community. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Bureau of Export Administration
Buerau of Industry and Security. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Business Information sources on the Internet
Trade Directories. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Canadian Export Catalogue
International Publishing & Development (IPD) is a privately owned and operated business which helps provide Canadian companies with the opportunity to expand their business beyond Canada's borders. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

China Council for the promotion of International Trade. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

CCx Consignment Tracking Request
CargoConnect allows forwarders and shippers to check the status of consignments through a public web page or by email - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Chamber of Commerce
Chambers of Official global locatot. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

The Industrial Portal Since 1995. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )
Europe.eDirectories - Forms part of a major Europe B to B project partnered and supported by a formidable consortium of influential Europe media and Business partners. - (Added: 23.11.2002 )

Export Administration
References to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) are references to 15 CFR chapter VII, subchapter C. The EAR are issued by the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) under laws relating to the control of certain exports, reexports, and activities. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

The objective is that TRANS-EURO Documentation software is able to offer companies precisely what is required in terms of information and tools in order that international trade can be embarked upon. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Export rersources. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Ecporting from UK throughout the World. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

International Trade Links. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

International Monetary Fund. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

International trade resources, international economic information, links to EDGAR archives. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

International Business Resources on the WWW
An outline of the business climate, political structure, history, and statistical data for more than 180 countries. Includes regional and country specific links in addition to a general overview of each geographic area. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

International Trade & Export Assistance
Trade Portal. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

International Trade Administration
Trade Information. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

ITA (international Trade Administration
Full text of U.S. International Trade Administration introduction to exporting. - (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Journal of Commerce Top 100
The Journal of Commerce. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

National Associations of Foreign Trade Zones
The National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ) is a non-profit organization composed of public entities, individuals and corporations involved in the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

The PIERS (Port Import Export Reporting Service) database, produced by the Journal of Commerce, covers imports and exports passing through U.S. ports. The subscription-based database can be searched through the PIERS site directly, or through commercial online services such as Dialog. - (Added: 30.06.2002 )

RBA - Trade and Service Directories - (Added: 30.11.2002 )

Sectoral and Trade Barriers Database
Access to the Sectoral and Trade Barriers Database is free. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Foreign Trade Information System. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Database maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, containing Country Commercial Guides, market research reports, and Best Market reports. It also contains U.S. import and export statistics and other statistical reports. - (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Import Export Bulletin Board, International trade leads. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Trade Data Online
Trade Data Online provides the ability to generate customized reports on Canada and U.S. trade with over 200 countries. - (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Trade Data Online
Trade and Inverstment. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Trade Information Center
Trade Information Center. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

A good starting point for international business information. - (Added: 03.07.2002 )

How to export manual.TradeExpert. - (Added: 17.11.2002 )

Fee-based database of government trade statistics, enabling searchers to determine trade volume between any two reporting countries. Available through Dialog and DataStar. - (Added: 30.06.2002 )

U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Service
The U.S. Commercial Service's Web site provides global listings of trade events, international market research, and tools to help with the export process. - (Added: 30.06.2002 )

USA Trade Online
Database of U.S. import and export information on specific commodities, produced by Stat-USA and the U.S. Census Bureau. Includes aggregated statistics, statistics broken out by country of origin or destination, and statistics broken out by specific U.S. port. - (Added: 30.06.2002 )

USITC Trade Resources
Welcome to Trade Resources (TR), an information referral service for economists, attorneys, business analysts, policy makers, journalists, and others seeking information related to international trade and investment. TR attempts to collect and classify trade-related information available via the Internet. - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Worldtariff On-Line Introduction
Fritz Companies is a specialist in global integrated logistic - (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Yahoo Trade Associations
Yahoo is probably the best way to search for trade associations by industry sector. - (Added: 24.10.2002 )