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Babelfish is a service of the search engine AltaVista that translates text from a number of languages into English, and the reverse. User can translate a single word or phrase, or point Babelfish to a particular Web page for translation. - (Added: 30.06.2002 ) Send e-mail in dozens of languages - the translation phase is transparent to the user and performed on site. Also, translates your e-mail to many languages on-line. - (Added: 15.11.2002 )

Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )
As the name implies, this Web site offers free translation from English to six other languages, and from Spanish, French, and German to English. The site also offers fee-based automatic translation products. - (Added: 30.06.2002 ) - A selection of the best free Translators, Dictionaries and language Courses on the web. - (Added: 23.11.2002 )

Go Translator
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )

LEO online Germany
LEO online Germany.It's compiled by the Informatics Department of the Technische Universitat in Munich. - (Added: 20.11.2002 )

Power Translator
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Simply Translating Deluxe
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )

SYSTRAN uses the software that Babelfish runs on to translate words or pages, but it has a larger selection of languages (and can translate between 2 non-English languages). - (Added: 26.10.2002 )

Travlang’s Translating Dictionaries
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Universal Translator
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 ) - An on-line dictionary (Collins Unabridged 1998) - install a 76 Kb program and click on any word in any web site to receive an extensive, up to date list of definitions plus translation to 5 languages - (Added: 15.11.2002 )
Translation Tools - (Added: 05.07.2002 )