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A Collection of Search Engines
A collection of special search engines. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - Then, there's the "deep" web, also called the Invisible Web. These are the terabytes of information available in digital form through hidden databases that cannot be seen or searched directly by most Web search engines. They include databases, archived material, and interactive tools such as calculators and dictionaries. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

AlphaSearch Gateway to the Academic Web
AlphaSearch - Academically-oriented. Best to browse it, or at least don't get too specific in your search, since it's not as large or heavily annotated as INFOMINE. AlphaSearch is an extremely useful directory of "gateway" sites that collect and organize web sites that focus on a particular subject. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Beaucoup - Lists over 2,500 specialized databases and directories and also serves as a meta-search tool. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

BullsEye Pro
BullsEye Pro - Has a rich set of features and capabilities that make it very useful for someone who needs to track a lot of information on the Web, and keep it well organized. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Complete Planet
Complete Planet - A comprehensive listing of "deep" Web searchable databases, search engines and sites. Browse a subject tree structure similar to that of Yahoo or enter search terms. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Digital Librarian a Librarian's Choice of the Best of the Web
Digital Librarian a Librarian's Choice of the Best of the Web - Personal choices by a librarian of interesting sites in a number of categories. Doesn't try to cover something in all areas, and subject categories are non-traditional at times, but a lot of fun to browse and often provides a quick intro to searching in a particular area. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Direct Search
Direct Search - A well-organised page of direct links to the search interfaces of resources that are not easily searchable from general search engines such as Alta Vista, Hotbot, and Infoseek. The focus is American, but other sites are well represented.Excellent, frequently updated, academically-oriented site developed by librarian Gary Price. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) (Document Delivery Services) - Search for services that retrieve publically available documents, including patents, military specs, government reports, journal articles, etc. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

FirstGov - The official Website for searching the U.S. government" needs further development, but is already a tool that pulls together a substantial part of the Invisible Web: federal government databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )
Fossick - This meta-search tool contains links to hundreds of specialized databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

IncyWincy - The invisable search engine. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Internet Oracle - Infomine - Academically-oriented, covering lots of resources, with annotations and searching and browsing capabilities. Make sure to click on a broad-category database listed at the bottom of the screen if you want to browse.Infomine Multiple Database Search - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internet Oracle
Internet Oracle - Search forms and direct links to hundreds of search engines, from general purpose directories to niche topic indexes. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internet Public Library (IPL) Reference Center
IPL - Is a virtual library that provides a good starting point for finding reference works, subject guides, and specialized databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Internets - We have assembled the largest filtered collection of useful search engines and newswires anywhere on the World Wide Web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Invisible Web
A selective directory of high-quality and informative databasesites that are not visible to normal search engines.From Chris Sherman and Gary Price. - (Added: 06.11.2002 )

Invisible Web Gateways from - Lists a few more-specialized sites. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - Produced by Intelliseek, Inc., the Invisible Web is a well-organized, comprehensive directory to thousands of specialized databasesSearch this directory of more than 10,000 specialized databases abailable on the Web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Librarians' Index to the Internet - A virtual library that is both searchable and browsable, this is an excellent source for specialized databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Library University of California, Berkeley
Library University of California, Berkeley - The "Invisible web" is what's you can get by searching in any of thousands of specialized searchable databases. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

LibrarySpot - collects links to quality reference resources and provides links to more than 2,500 libraries around the world. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

List of Lists Gary Price
List of Lists Gary Price - Extensive directory of Web pages that present information in the form of rankings of different people, organizations, companies, etc. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Lycos's searchable databases
Lycos's searchable databases - Search more than 7,000 resources that are not visible to search engines. Note: be sure to check the "this category" radio button on the search form. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - Indexes and links to magazine articles available free on the Web. Currently includes over 120 magazines. Has a similarity feature; for many articles, click on an icon and come up with a list of similar articles. Much of what it covers is "visible" to search engines, but some of it's not, and it offers a way to focus on magazine-type material only. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

More Directories "Invisible Web"
More Directories "Invisible Web" - There are many more directories to parts of the invisible web than those listed here, but their content is more popular or commercial. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

News Center Gary Price
News Center Gary Price A huge directory of links to up to the minute news stories on any subject imaginable. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Pro Fusion
One of the best meta search engines. Search major search engines and retrieve collated results; store queries at the site and receive notification of new resources.Invisible Web site. - (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Search Adobe PDF Online
Adobe - Search more than a million summaries of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files (not usually accessible through search engines) on the Web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

SearchAbility - Descriptions of many directories and lists of searchable databases, extensively annotated, rated, and described. Excellent background ( on specialized searchable databases on the web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Searchenginewatch - The Invisible Web Revealed. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Searchenginewatch The Invisible Web Gets Deeper
Searchenginewatch - Links to several thousand online databases.WebData is a database portal, specializing in finding, categorizing and organizing online databases, and providing annotated links with quality rankings. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )
Gary Price's List of Lists - (Added: 24.09.2002 )

Speech and Transcript Center Gary Price
Speech and Transcript Center Gary Price - A huge directory of links to a wide range of recorded speeches and transcripts, from politicians, businessmen, and other famous people. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The Big Hub
The Big Hub - Consumer-oriented. Go to "Specialty Search Categories" in the middle of the page for a list of broad topics. Choosing one of these gives you a list of search entry forms for resources on that broad topic.The Big Hub maintains an index of over 3,000 subject specific searchable databases in over 300 categories. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The Library of Congress Online Catalog
The Library of Congress - The catalog contains approximately 12 million records representing books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music, sound recordings, and visual materials. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The Scout Report
The Scout Report - is a good way to keep up with new search tools, especially specialized databases. You can view its weekly report and its archive of previous Scout Reports on the Web. You can also have the report delivered to you via email by subscribing through a listserv. Send an email message to Type subscribe to scout-report in the body of the message. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

The Virual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk
Resources and News for Information Professionals. Compiled and Edited by Gary Price. - (Added: 24.09.2002 )

Web Audio Current Awareness Resources Gary Price
Web Audio Current Awareness Resources Gary Price - Links to hundreds of live and recorded audio/video news and public affairs programming on the Web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - Search deep web resources. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )

Webgator - Gives you the tools to be a virtual private investigator with comprehensive links to investigative resources on the Web. - (Added: 06.01.2002 ) - A valuable collection of links to a variety of specialized search resources, particularrly strong for public records, government information, and people search tools. - (Added: 06.01.2002 )